Phoebe Heess studied fashion design at the ESMOD in Munich and Berlin. After her graduation she interned and worked for Adidas, Limi Feu Tokyo and House of Holland and became cofounder of the label HectorHector.

She currently designs for Adidas as well as her own collection.

Her style is based on the work of Pierre Soulages, whose monochromatic black sujet elaborates on the colours different black surfaces reflect when lighted.

Phoebe creates these effects by using a variety of often contradicting materials. Mesh is mixed with specially treated leather. And newest technology makes it possible to explore even extremer aspects of the light spectrum, ranging from reflective black fabrics and illuminants to blacker than black property garments.


We at Phoebe Heess are a high tech brand. It is currently not possible, to source our garments 100% sustainably. We see ourselves more as a NASA, than as a Greenpeace.
Both endeavours are important, but until sustainability research is catching up with high tech production processes, we are trying to design our impact as beneficial for nature and humans as possible.

We do so, by only sourcing and producing in Europe, keeping the carbon footprint on a minimum.
Our partners need to have the same understanding of impact as us. They are certified by:

Bluesign is an emerging standard for environmental health and safety in the manufacturing of textiles. The Switzerland-based organization, officially known as Bluesign Technologies AG, provides independent auditing of textile mills, examining manufacturing processes from raw materials and energy inputs to water and air emissions outputs. Each component is assessed based on its ecotoxicological impact. Bluesign ranks its audit findings in order of concern, and suggests ways to reduce consumption while recommending alternatives to harmful chemicals or processes where applicable. Textile mills that commit to verifiably adopting Bluesign’s recommendations can become certified “System Partners” and attract business from a wide range of brands and retailers around the world looking for greener vendors.

Eco-aware consumers can feel confident purchasing clothing items with the Bluesign label that they are buying the most environmentally friendly, socially conscious version of the jacket, shirt, sweater, pants, hat or gloves in question. Given the push for greener products of every kind, Bluesign has gained serious traction in the last few years among some of the leading brands in the outdoor clothing and gear business

Our leather is certified with:

The "SG-Sign" stands for leather which has been tested for harmful substances and poses no health threat. It has been developed by experts of TÜV Rheinland Produkt und Umwelt GmbH, the SGS Institut Fresenius and the Prüf- und Forschungsinstitut Pirmasens.

Leather goods bearing this mar may not carry carcinogen and allergenic dyes and are not allowed to surpass the critical value of pesticides for foods. Formaldehyde levels must be below the declaration limit of the German Chemikalienverbotsverordnung.
All criteria are beeing monitored by independend institutes.