Video teaser for our new collection!

Showcasing Reflective Black

So you think our range is black only?

Not really...but in contrast to the ALEXANDER WANG x H&M gear, our high fashion approach gives us the opportunity to use real high tech garments like BLACK reflective - how cool is that?!

(Please excuse the picture quality, but somehow mobile cams catch the effect best.)


PHOEBE HEESS - Showcasing Reflective Black from PhoebeHeess on Vimeo.


Interview with 2french magazine

What were the inspirations behind the cool collection in fifty shades of black? Is sportswear the new way to rebel? And who are role-models for Phoebe Heess? After seeing the triumphant collection by the designer we could not miss an opportunity to ask her about fashion, art and her special liking towards the color black.

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Berlin Alternative Fashion Week

"The strongest show was the one that I had been anticipating the whole day.
Phoebe Heess, German designer who works for Stella McCartney’s line at adidas explored the many shades of black.

The show was preceded by the video of hands playing with geometric figures, and following the motive the pieces that appeared on the runway had clear outlines and graphic forms.

Bulging shoulders reminded of sci-fi outfits, robot silhouettes or futuristic spaceships costumes. Models were emerging from the front as well as the back of the runway – rapidly moving figures in streamlined semi-sporty clothes.

Phoebe created outfits for star warriors: oversized sweaters looking like black armors or light, ethereal coats and jackets as though Middle Ages were transformed into the distant future. The collection was powerful."


2french magazine


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Black Current - Teaser Pics

Black Current is Phoebe Heess' second solo collection.
It is the wearable interpretation of cyber magic.

Black is not a colour, black is a current.

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Phoebe Heess - Black Current Teaser

This is the teaser for our forthcoming collection. It will be presented at Berlin Alternative Fashion Week!


Actor: Trace Bristol
Director: Gabriel Maria Platt
Camera: Peter Kunz
Graphics: Joe Stothard
Sound Editor: Klaas Klarsen
Editing: Ira Mowen
Music: Sebastian Kreis + Schwefelgelb