Interview with 2french magazine

What were the inspirations behind the cool collection in fifty shades of black? Is sportswear the new way to rebel? And who are role-models for Phoebe Heess? After seeing the triumphant collection by the designer we could not miss an opportunity to ask her about fashion, art and her special liking towards the color black.

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Black Current - Teaser Pics

Black Current is Phoebe Heess' second solo collection.
It is the wearable interpretation of cyber magic.

Black is not a colour, black is a current.

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Phoebe Heess - Black Current Teaser

This is the teaser for our forthcoming collection. It will be presented at Berlin Alternative Fashion Week!


Actor: Trace Bristol
Director: Gabriel Maria Platt
Camera: Peter Kunz
Graphics: Joe Stothard
Sound Editor: Klaas Klarsen
Editing: Ira Mowen
Music: Sebastian Kreis + Schwefelgelb